Mood Boost

As part of Skullcandy’s new MOOD BOOST initiative, a program designed in response to the growing mental health crisis among Millennials and Generation Z, UNSNCTND partnered with the amazing Tina Touli to create a “Blissful” limited edition artist print. This was sold with their “Blissful Green” product and a portion of the proceeds were donated to charity. MOOD BOOST is a continuous series and Tina Touli and Queen Andrea are (2) of (4) artists UNSNCTND secured + managed for the campaign.

Artist, month of April Tina Touli

Artist, month of June Andrea von Bujdoss, aka Queen Andrea

Tina Touli. Mood: Blissful. April 2020.

Queen Andrea. Mood: Original. June 2020.

More to come in the months ahead — stay tuned!